Girl, Introduced (About Me)


By day, Jen works in construction project management.  On nights and weekends, she plays a continuous game of “where did I get that bruise?” – alternating between running, hiking, rock climbing, biking (road and mountain) and skiing, with the occasional paddle boarding or yoga session thrown in for variety.  She and her husband live in Iowa, where they share a home with a 16-year old Maine Coon and a lot of bikes.

20180218_091103 (2)

Since you’ll see a lot of this guy in my posts: This is Pooh Bear, generally know as Mr. Kitty or simply Kitty.  He came to us declawed on all four paws and recently had 11 teeth removed, meaning he is strictly an indoor cat.  Mr. Kitty’s idea of an adventure is surveying the world from the porch, and he is not sure he likes the sensation of grass on his paws or his belly.  However, he enjoys the smells that we bring home from our adventures, and will attempt to lay and/or rub his face on all of our gear.



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