Lame, Lame, Lame…

In more than one sense of the word!

So I managed to hurt my back. Not doing anything cool. Not even doing anything. No, I hurt my back with a combination of a spare room bed, an old work chair, and lying on the couch with bad posture for too long. Reading. Not biking or running or skiing or climbing – I hurt my back reading. I’m somewhere between disgusted and unimpressed. The hubby is 100% unimpressed, and having a great time giving me crap about it.

It’s been 5 days and the good news is I’m almost back in commission, paying more attention to my posture, and have an exercise ball for my office “chair.” The bad news? We had to cancel our weekend ski trip to Afton Alps and I’m not taking any chances biking outside, given there’s a non-zero chance I’ll hit a patch of ice and end up hurting myself even worse. So my handlebar mitts have been discarded in the corner for the moment and the hubby went off to ski on his own this weekend. Luckily we got a new bike trainer recently (Kickr Snap, more on that later), meaning I haven’t been totally regulated to the couch.

Since the trainer is in front of the TV, I’ve discovered that watching animals attempt to eat/avoid being eaten makes biking for 30 minutes feel easy-peasy by comparison.  Plus, the cat is even more interested in BBC Earth than I am.  He might even be disappointed next week when I head back outside.



Kitty watches Life on BBC Earth with me.